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Discover it. Nice decorated, very friendly staff, great Cappuccino and as well little sweets and more...

Enjoy your breakfast here!


Around the corner:


via Paolo Carcano 2


Sartoria Ciclistica Como

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The first Bike Cafè + Bar & Shop in Como

You have to visit them !!!


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An ageless osteria that looks exactly the neibourhood. In the wood-lined dining room, wine bottles and other goodies fill the shelves, and guests sit at small timber tables and enjoy delicious traditional local food. 

Reservation recommended.

Como - FIGLI DEI FIORI Bistrot

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This nice Bistrot is a short 8-10 min walk away from the Suite.

Everything started with the flower shop FIGLI DEI FIORI in this amazing industrial loft. Then FIGLI DEI FIORI offered also BRUNCH events. Due to its success the BISTROT was born which becomes one of the MUST-GO places in Como. Enjoy lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday.


Please contact us for the reservation which are highly recommended.

Ristorante RINO

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Cuisine Tuscany in family environment. Careful selection of raw materials. Specialty with porcini mushrooms and black and white truffles. Meat is IGP certified - very gentle, easy classic interior and only a short 2 min walk away from your Suite Juvara.

Please contact us for the reservations at RINO which are highly recommended.


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Wines, vintage whiskies and grappas, along with olive oils and balsamic vinegars, line the walls of this sociable wine shop and bar. Drop by in the evening for a glass of prosecco or a sauvignon blanc.


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At Momi you feel like in an oasis of peace and tranquility, where the only commitment will be to decide what to choose in the menu.  The restaurant has a small dock where the boats dock from all villages across the Lake Como.  Reservation recommended.


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One of the best PIZZA from south Italy in Como.

Don't miss this place! 

Cernobbio - Trattoria Glicine

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Simple and elegant restaurant with deliciouse menu which represents the rich gastronomic heritage of the Italian peninsula from the Alps to the Mediterranean sea. The selection, by Chef Sommelier Mario, of suppliers to search for the raw materials of high quality, used in cooking, and the proposal of an extensive wine list in the winery wants to rediscover the true flavors of tradition.  A great place for a romantic dinner or lunch. Reservation recommended.


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Maybe one of the best ICE CREAMS in Como Centre. Only the best integrients, no colourants, no chem. preservatives and without glutamine. Good old time flavours.


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Enjoy a good Cappuccino or an little nice Aperitivo (Glas of Wine and a little surprise) with amazing views to the famouse CASA DEL FASCIO, TEATRO SOCIALE and COMO CATHEDRAL. Say that you are guests of SUITE JUVARA - Sandro (the owner) will take care of you!


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Lisa has been baking for as long as she can remember. It started with baking weekly pancakes with her dad, then cupcakes with school friends to elaborate dinner parties in her years as a fashion student.


But then she had the courage and the possibility to transform her passion into a business. The result: Exclusive handmade cake/sourdough bread catering in Como. Visit her website for orders.

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Como - dep design store

Concept store in the center of Como

dep design store is a cosmopolitan space where you can come to browse, to find a gift, to get something for yourself or simply be.

via carcano 4

in the courtyard, up the stairs

22100 como IT

tel. +39 031 240 569



Around the corner of SUITE JUAVARA - Mitchumm Industries, the brand with palm trees, a tribute to California and the American actor Robert Mitchum, was born in 1976 on the West Coast in Manhattan Beach, near Los Angeles.
Here the brand began a production of T-shirts and bathing suits printed with exclusive and colorful designs, inspired by the typical Californian sports such as surf, windsurf, mountain bike and beach volley.

Mitchumm Industries is a total look brand that also includes accessories such as ties, bow ties, scarves and braces.

Como - Tessabit

Set against the natural backdrop of Lake Como, the Tessabit stores are a longstanding fixture of Como. The Molteni family strive to keep their boutiques at the cutting edge of luxury fashion with established and cult labels (Wedding dresses included) from around the world. 



Jewellery makers in Como

Discover the nice shop and the Jewellery. 

A. Gilardoni - since 1942

Women’s clothing and accessories store. A treasure in Como where you can find on 300 sqm very nice, elegant and cool selected pieces from


Red Valentino,


Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini,

Sportmax Code,

Giuseppe Di Morabito,



Cutulicult and many more . 


One of Como's MUST VISIT SHOPS.  Visit the website to get an impression what we are writing about and you will see....

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Faggeto Lario - RENT FUN BOATS

Rent a motor boat up to 40 horses without a license, and enjoy the breathtaking Lake Como. 

The very friendly staff will explain you everything you need to know.  There are 2 ways to get there:

1. By car

You can park your car near to the RENT FUN BOATS in Faggeto Lario (aprox. 13 km from Como). 


2. By Boat

If you choose the boat transfer from Como which takes 45min to Faggeto Lario, please see the timetable . This way you have already an preview over the gorgeous lake, its Villas and gardens.


You will love it - we promise!


For a true touch of glamour, book one of these seaplane tours and buzz about the skies high above Como. The often take-off and landing on the lake itself is amazing, as are the views down onto the miniature villas and villages dotted far below.  Longer excursions over Lago Maggiore and Lago Lugano are also possible.

We organise it - you enjoy it

Como - Brunate - CABLE CAR

Prepare for some amazing views. The Como–Brunate cable car - which was built in 1894 - takes some minutes to trundle up to the quiet hilltop village of Brunate (720m), discovering a memorable panorama of mountains and the lake. From there a steep 30-40 minute walk along a stony mule track leads to San Maurizio (907m), where 143 steps climb to the top of a lighthouse.

The San Maurizio lighthouse was built in 1927 to mark the centenary of Alessandro Volta's death.

The Como tourist office can provide a map with a range of suggested walks around Brunate.


Operates year-round lake-wide ferries and hydrofoils, which in Como depart beside Piazza Cavour.  The faster hydrofoil services cost extra. Car ferries link Menaggio on the west shore of Lago di Como with Varenna on the east and Bellagio to the south.

Ferries operate year-round, but services are reduced in winter time. Zonal passes available.

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